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Risky But Necessary Crawl….A painful Story of Cansaulim Villagers


Two years ago, a middle age woman tried to cross the tracks by crawling between the wagon wheels of a stationary goods train at Cansaulim Railway Station. Midway, to her horror, the train began to move and the woman ended up getting trapped below. Ironically, she lost her leg but her life was saved by onlooker who rushed her to the hospital. Today the woman in this story (name withheld) is fine but spending life without a leg.

This horrifying incident is still in the minds of people from Cansaulim, with many villagers living in Prial ward and other two wards of Cansaulim village have also stopped going near the tracks and are using the road to commute. But there are still hundreds of them, importantly senior citizens and students who are having no option but to risk their life every day. The reason: Proposal to build an underpass or foot overbridge at the Cansaulim railway station remains on paper since last over one decade.


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