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Goa will have fish but no fishermen to catch. A sorry Picture of Goan Fishermen Community


Believe it or not but majority of the fishing trawler owners community from Khariwado Vasco feels that they won’t promote their next generations to continue with their traditional fishing activity. A Hard decision to make, but they have no choice. All this because they are unable to operate on losses faced every year with many even moved on starting other ventures while still others stare into the sea wondering what the future holds.

They said that there were multiple reasons due to which one by one members from this fishermen Community are quitting fishing industry every year but almost all issues are surrounded with the existing Fishing jetty and this is the only such jetty across Goa.

Here they have  about 180 fishing trawlers owned by the members of Goa fishing Boat Owners Association(GFBOA) but they have fishing jetty which is only about 75 meters in length. Each trawler to park at the jetty requires four to five meters in width and at a time about 15 to 18 small trawlers gets parking but congested chk this special story by GoaNewsNow news Desk 


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