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Congress rings alarm bell over omicron isolation facility at Cansaulim PHC


Cortalim Block Congress Committee working President Nilesh Naik along with Congress leader Olencio Simoes raised the issue of the total failure of PHC Cansaulim authorities in following proper Covid Protocol as Goa witnessed its 1st Omicron variant case who has been isolated at the PHC since 10 days. Stating further, Olencio Simoes said that the PHC lacks proper facilities like providing food for the Covid patients,proper toilet facilities and disposal of waste from the ward. The Health Officer and staff have failed to follow strict protocol even now as the omicron case was sharing the same ward as the other covid patients and relatives despite the issue being raised. Lack of security posted at the ward entrance allows free entry and exit of anyone from the covid isolation ward on the 1st floor.Covid patients are found wandering in the ward without masks due to no monitoring of the ward and even cigarettes are in the possession of some. Besides, the PHC continues to function from the ground and 2nd floor and public coming to the PHC and office are exposed to the virus due to lack of proper isolation and monitoring.While Goa boasts of taking stringent measures , the main isolation facility itself serves as an explosive to spread of the Omicron variant.The Cortalim Congress Block appeals to the Hon.CM and HM to urgently intervene and expedite strict action against these gross mismanagement and failures of the PHC and its authorities.


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