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Big Debate Mobile Towers Harmful or Blessings


It has become a “common practice” of opposing mobile towers in Goa. The general perspective in Goa that mobile towers make people prone to cancer has been hindering the establishment of good network connectivity across state. Today there are many who carries two two cellphones but when it comes to objecting, they are first one keeping aside the fact that that better Mobile Connectivity have become equally important in today’s world.

Also it is evident that mobile Connectivity During Covid Pandemic and for those residing in hinterlands of Goa was like blessings as their Online education was dependent on proper Mobile Connectivity for which students even had to track long distance. Still we citizens objects to the mobile tower.

Since the issue is important and there is difference of opinion, GoaNewsNow have decided to run a series on the issue by taking views of those objecting and those supporting the towers.

To begin with GoaNewsNow took this issue before Panchayat Minister Mauvin Godinho asking his views on this important issue. Chk what he has to say


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